Free book and online course from Brendon Burchard

Written by Stuart Haden on June 16, 2015

Brendon Burchard has really inspired me over the years. He is a great role model for anybody who wants to set up their own business, particularly if like me you are a coach and facilitator. Equally his books are cutting edge in the field of personal development. His latest achievement The Motivation Manifesto is not only a cracking read, but it is also an absolute steal! This will sound too good to be true but trust me you can get a hardcover copy and a 12 week online course (plus a few other goodies) all for the price of shipping/handling. Receive it for just $7 anywhere in the world. 


I’ve just finished reading the chapter on fear and it’s provoking on many different levels. Fear comes from poor mind management. When we choose fear (as an adult) we are choosing not to manage or overcome it. We are socially conditioned to be fearful – the worriers, the weaklings and the wicked who try to fool us into believing that fear is a positive emotion in life. Risk and high consequences yes, fear no. Burchard reminds us “Beware the raucous village idiot who takes pleasure in making faraway jabs, taunting the stivers passing by, hoping to install the fear of unworthiness.”

Choice is the natural antidote to fear. How’s this for a question to drive us, “Did you know you were acting from fear the last time you stopped behaving as yourself or working towards something you wanted, and did you know you had another choice at the time?” So rather than behaving yourself, behave as yourself! Keep your discipline, take a stand…

Do not grovel to these people.

Do not try to placate them.

Do not hope they will change.

Do not engage with them or hang about with them.

Do not let them provoke anger.

Never sink to their level.