Where is your place of power?

Written by Stuart Haden on June 23, 2015

I named my business after a place, a place that has power. On one hand a mere beach, on the other more of a temple in which to contemplate life. The place of power, the power of place, was of course a storm beach, Pwll Du Bay on the Gower Peninsula, UK.


Sometimes I visited with friends, although mostly alone I would walk the beach. In the mid 90’s poignant songs flowing from my Sony Disc Man. Nothing Compares to You, a common hymn sung in my cathedral. Drift wood and interesting pebbles grabbing my attention and taking me away from life’s struggle. The steep climb from the bay, rising above my monastery. I had gone from one side of the bay to another in an instant, a completely new niche in which to inhabit.

People who perform optimally know how to ground themselves, how and where to re charge. I can’t help but feel grounded in these environments. Sometimes I travel at speed so that all I crave is food, shelter and rest. Ultimate presence. Ultimate calm. It’s sometimes the beauty that grabs me, sometimes the pain. If you need to re-charge then check out my free online course – The 7 Secrets of Increasing Personal Energy: Introduction. The workshops here are all designed to help you to find your power.