Is there life after coaching and mentoring?

Written by Stuart Haden on September 1, 2015

We’ve been making the distinction between coaching and mentoring for some time. Rightly so, even if sometimes it feels like semantics. If we can drive a fine line between the two, a coach who questions, listens and observes. A mentor who does more of the same, but can offer his/her life stories as inspiration. They’ve been there, done it and bought the t-shirt, battle scars that might guide a mentee. In this short video I pose the question – is there life after coaching and mentoring?

What I mean by this is – if I have acted as a coach and mentor is there another role for me to fulfil. Or, if I’ve been coached and mentored is there another avenue for my learning. Well if you have already checked out the video above you’ll know that yes, I do think there is another role for us all to consider – as master.

Like the corner man in boxing someone who has got your back. Someone who can predict your next move. From experience they can intuitively sense what you need to do next. Questions and stories will still dominate, but now we must also skilfully share the vision for the future.