Why we all need a soul mate (3 of 7)

Written by Stuart Haden on September 22, 2015

Elite athletes know all about pushing themselves to extreme limits. But there is another mantra that they live their lives by which could serve us all. Not only do they train hard – but they also recover hard. Stretching yourself and increasing your personal energy is one thing but you also have to build in recovery time. Tied to the 5 energy sources this is better known as soul.

In this video I describe soul in more detail…

When you are in touch with your soul you feel most grounded and relaxed. Centred and away from the busyness of life you can plug in and recharge. A place of laughter and release. Deeply aware and in tune with your own values, authentic to the core. Awareness of presence, with the ego silenced for once. A place where you can experience clarity about what matters and freedom to explore. Just think about the use of the word in everyday life – soul friend, soul music, soul food…

I deliberately build in this down time to my day and work. This week I was on the road Sunday to Tuesday, so on Wednesday I took it easy. Coffee with a colleague, a walk in the park at lunch and a 10 minute meditation session. The work also flowed, but the pace was slower so that I could re fuel. Then come Thursday I was back again firing on all cylinders.

If you could do with a boost of energy in this area then you can access the full lecture and the rest of the course (The 7 Secrets of Increasing Personal Energy: Introduction) for free here.