Do we need a shared chemistry with our coach?

Written by Stuart Haden on November 3, 2015

Over the years I have often wondered how significant it is that coachees share a connection with their coach. Prior to coaching a chemistry meeting is often set up so that a coachee can choose from a number of coaches. But, how does a coachee know what they need from a coach? And even if they did, does this connection really matter?

I am reading I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja. Billed as a modern day spiritual classic it challenges my world view, rich in insight I’d argue that just about every word delivers meaning. And off course I struck gold in answer to my above questions. It supports my idea of readiness for coaching being in the hands of the coachee (not the coach) and that maybe over examining our connection to the coach has limited value…

Questioner: How so I find a Guru whom I can trust?

Maharaj: Your own heart will tell you. There is no difficulty in finding a Guru, because the Guru is in search of you. The Guru is always ready; you are not ready. You have to be ready to learn; or you may meet your Guru and waste your chance by sheer inattentiveness and obstinacy. Take my example; there was nothing in me of much promise, but when I met my Guru, I listened, trusted and obeyed.

Questioner: Must I not examine the teacher before I put myself entirely into his hands?

Maharaj: By all means examine! But what can you find out? Only as he appears to you on your own level.