Are you living, loving and learning?

Written by Stuart Haden on January 20, 2016

Questions really do drive us – drive us to change, drive us into the now. For a long time my ‘Flow Fit’ workshops have addressed the importance of harnessing physical, emotional and cognitive energy. I have recently developed 3 questions that encourage drive in these areas. They are deliberately closed questions, so of course if you answer no to any of them then you know where you need to focus your attention.

In this video I present these for you as – Are you living? Are you loving? Are you learning? If you want to up the stakes then add in the word truly. Are you truly living? Are you truly loving? Are you truly learning? Positive responses to these questions then equal the truth, the truth about who you are and who you have the potential to be.

To find out if you are living then look no further than nutrition, sleep and exercise. If you are loving, then what or whom are you in love with? When was the last time you consciously participated in an activity to boost your cognitive performance? With all 3 bases covered one can perform optimally, these are a short cut to your flow states. For more on these energy sources (as well as soul and spirit energy) then enjoy my free online course – The Seven Secrets of Increasing Personal Energy.