Flow Trigger #1 – Intensely Focused Attention

Written by Stuart Haden on April 13, 2016

Hopefully you’ve read and watched some of my recent blogs that present the subtleties of optimal performance and the science of flow. The ability to optimise performance by as much as 500% (15% of the time) is mainly activated when we engineer as many of the 17 flow triggers as possible. These triggers are grouped under Psychological, Environmental, Social and Creative factors.

Our first group is Psychological and the Intensely Focused Attention trigger. Top performers have the ability to focus at all costs. Blocking out any distractions, in a state of flow that cannot be de-railed.

Book out a meeting room to get away from the open plan office. Plug in to your favourite music and avoid multi tasking. Seek out long periods of uninterrupted concentration. Deep focus. Solitude maybe.