Flow Trigger #4 – The Challenge/Skills Ratio

Written by Stuart Haden on May 4, 2016

The 4th and final Psychological flow trigger is The Challenge/Skills Ratio. Flow can be found on the fine line between boredom and anxiety. If what we are doing is too mundane then our focus drops off. This prevents attention and action from taking the stage.

If the struggle is too great then we look to exit, how can we get out? Too much fear may prevent flow. Challenge squashing the skills. The action sports hero’s who are famed for finding flow still have to navigate the challenge/skills path. Arrogance may lead to too much challenge, calling on humility will ensure the challenge remains in sight.

3% may be all your need. A 3% increase in challenge can lead to flow. Boost your skills by 3% and you’ll feel the lift immediately se necesita receta para la viagra. Up the odds by 5%+ and the curve may be too great. Remember you need to find harmony between the two, trying to balance challenge/skills can lead to a fall. Tension, friction and struggle is OK, as long as you don’t break.