Flow Trigger #15 – Close Listening

Written by Stuart Haden on August 3, 2016

This flow trigger is not just about listening, it’s about close listening. Listening closely to the people around you so that you can all kick into flow. This kind of listening can only take place in the present – be here now.

Be a first class noticer, observing what is said and what is not said. Listen without memory, otherwise your mind is in the past. Listen without desire, otherwise your mind is in the future.

That way you can be fully engaged, plugged in to the possibility of flow. No need to think about what to say next, no need to impress or squeeze your words in. Instead allow for authentic real time responses (not reactions) to surface, unplanned. Dialogue that unfolds. Together naming the world. Preconceived ideas are left at the door, only possibilities remain. Now you can get close, and when you are close flow can follow.