Flow Trigger #17 – Creativity

Written by Stuart Haden on August 17, 2016

Wow, what a blast – here we are on our 17th (and final) flow trigger. Remember you don’t need to pull all of them to kick into flow, if you are being authentic then many of the triggers will already be in place. But paying attention to engineering these triggers can create a tipping point for flow.

Whilst only having one slot in the top 17, creativity really does matter. I like to think that creativity must figure in the 3 groups of triggers we have already explored – psychology, environment and social. Where a new idea bumps into what you already know, in order to express this creativity can you let this idea fly? Or will it get attacked and shot down, with the words no or but.

Pattern recognition where the brain links these new ideas together. Maybe risk taking, where you need the courage to bring these ideas into the world. The double whammy effect, where creativity triggers flow, and in turn flow amplifies creativity. Dare to daydream.