Free writing and how to hack flow

Written by Stuart Haden on August 31, 2016

Despite the electronic age, journaling and writing seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Tactile and memorable. This second flow hack encourages us to dust off our notepad and pens, and tackle 3 stages of free writing.

Write – a question that needs answers, something that is on your mind and needs to be let loose. Secondly, incubate and leave this question be. Allow time for the ink to dry, and come back when you are ready. Settle and reflect. This is an important stage that allows you to switch from the conscious to the sub conscious. Thinking fast, and thinking slow.

3-2-1 you are back in the room, and ready to address your question. Free – don’t let the pen leave the page, scribble and let rip. 3 minutes is normally long enough to tap into your best ideas. This practice will help you to get closer to the truth.