Being in the zone – tales from a coaching conference

Written by Stuart Haden on September 14, 2016

This week I was lucky enough to chair the CIPD’s Coaching for Business Performance Conference. The event really resonated with me in my own search to gather amazing content and connections that can help individuals boost their performance levels. Jeremy Snape an Ex-England cricketer quickly introduced flow states with personal examples from his career. Where it went well, and not so well…

The idea of perceived challenge versus perceived coping skills is an important area to navigate. To do this Jeremy talked about the importance of understanding mindset, how to simplify goals (see below), feed forward and empowering performers for problem solving.

In those pressure cooker situations when we need flow the most it comes right back to our daily processes. These can then develop into monthly, divisional and performance goals. All of which lead us to a shot at our dream goal.

In the above video I also talk about a bottom up approach to culture development, putting the health back in health and safety and making our values valuable.