How to hack coaching for optimal performance

Written by Stuart Haden on October 26, 2016

Here’s the bad news – most coaching programmes are not delivering their full potential. At worst coaching is broken. But the good news is we can fix that, as long as we are willing to disrupt traditional thinking. Probably challenging our own thinking along the way. The process of coaching has developed into a procession. One that doesn’t make sense – expensive and time consuming.

In this short video I present my ideas for hacking the process so that we can deliver 5-hour coaching programmes for as little as £300-500. Expense and time come crashing down (quantity), without compromising on quality. We can do more, with less.

In summary we need to consider 4 areas…

1) Capability – using two diagnostics we establish how you find flow and how much you can access right now.

2) Cost – five 1-hour sessions held remotely (first or last thing in the day) create an affordable programme.

3) Choice – trust us to match you to your coach and remove pointless chemistry meetings from everyone’s diaries.

4) Connection – to keep costs down all our programmes are schedule via phone or Skype.

Get in touch today and I’ll send you a flyer that outlines these 5-hour coaching programmes in more detail. Prices range from £300-500 per programme, Stay tuned for next week’s posting that will look at the importance of cutting edge coaching content.