Diagnosing flow – how much flow do you have? Part 2

Written by Stuart Haden on December 21, 2016

In my last posting I shared the diagnostic from the <a href="http://www viagra gratis.flowgenomeproject.com”>Flow Genome Project, that helps you to ascertain how you find flow. This is often a natural starting point in our coaching programmes. However, you need to be asking yourself at least one follow up question. How much flow do you have?

Using a diagnostic that we have developed we can quickly represent your potential to find flow as a percentage. For further insight we can also group this information into 4 main categories – psychology, environment, social and creativity. And if needs be we can also tackle this information by individual questions.

One team that we worked with (workshops and coaching programe) reported a 14% increase in their ability to find flow at work. They noted a starting point of 62%, and post programme results of 76%. One individual discovered a whopping 41% swing, shifting from 51% to 92%. This not only illustrates the improvements one can make, but also the fact that we have more flow than we think.


If you want a free copy of the diagnostic please email me at stuart@stormbeach.co.uk