Dignity – are you being valued and respected?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 1, 2017

Making our values valuable is a classic shortcut to optimal performance. Dignity would no doubt register on many people’s radars, but have you ever considered what it means to you? Of course it will mean different things to different people; perhaps trust, respect and being listened to will shed some light on the subject.

A proactive and positive approach to relationships, respecting values/attitudes/beliefs. A reactive approach to curbing unacceptable behaviours – discrimination, bullying or harassment. Even just not being listened to in a meeting can challenge our sense of dignity. Are you being valued and respected? Does ethical treatment prevail, at all times?

Thinking about the prevailing wind in your organisation you can locate the presence or lack of dignity. In the video below I reflect on some of the following questions…

  • How do you define dignity in the workplace?
  • How do people notice dignity at work?
  • What are the results of dignity at work?
  • How can professionals develop dignity at work?
  • What is your personal story about dignity?