How to get Streaks ahead of the competition

Written by Stuart Haden on May 24, 2017

In my last posting (How to develop habits in 8 easy steps) I shared everything you need to know about forming habits. But what if you had a to do list that also helps you to form good habits? Well the Streaks app does exactly that. I have tried to consolidate my intentions in one place for a very long time…apps, journals, screen savers, reminders and back again. But this simple app trumps them all.

Why? Well for a start you are limited to 6 habits, which keeps you focussed and gives you a achievable target on a daily basis. And if you crack all your habits in one day, um well…your screen lights up…which makes me happy. But seriously you can track your current streak, best streak, the last 7 days and the last 30 days as a %. You can check your history of success via the calendar. Because some tasks aren’t for every day you can set the days so you don’t break your streak.

This app doesn’t just help you log your tasks, it also helps you to refine and commit to your habits. For example, I tended to exercise in the evenings. Over the winter it was easy to see that my stats were down. I was so keen to log a task in the morning I have now switched up my day to run in the morning. Shifting a habit of a lifetime. All in the pursuit of the state of optimal performance.