Our job roles are often a case of mistaken identity

Written by Stuart Haden on July 5, 2017

Optimal performance requires identity, in work terms how do we define our role. A vision to keep us on track, a view that steers clear of activities that add little value. I once had a role as Training Officer, my most junior role in L & D. If I ever rise to the dizzy heights of CEO, I’ll have the identity presented back to me. Even roles like partner, advisor, officer and consultant still don’t cut it.

I prefer to liken the work of a learning professional with that of a hacker. Seeking and exploiting opportunities in systems (individuals, teams and organisations). Suggesting innovative customisations and fixes. Combining excellence, playfulness, cleverness and exploration in these performed activities. Seek, suggest and combine.

Now we can curate or create a meaningful resource that has to go on the road. Media and journalism. Storytelling – set up, conflict and resolution. Once upon a time….and the moral of the story is…