It’s Not About The Coach 2 of 7 – authenticity, coachability & energy

Written by Stuart Haden on November 8, 2017

The last video encouraged us to think about how coachable we are. Here we give coachability some context, why is it important? Well authenticity is absolutely key. Recognising your values and expressing them externally has to be at the heart of any change process. It’s the art of coaching. Otherwise we will experience resistance, and ultimately it’s fake.

Our personal energy has a part to play also. The 5 energy sources of soul, body, heart, mind and spirit easily map the triggers for coaching. You need to consider all 5 areas, no short cuts, no comfort zones, all 5. Then these triggers can become goals. For example, if you seek to improve team morale which one (or more) of the energy sources has the biggest part to play?

If you can master authenticity + coachability + energy then maybe it’s time to take other people with you, the sub plot – culture. Colleagues,  direct reports, teams and ultimately the organisation. What does all this add up to? Well check out this short video where I declare my addition to drugs!?

PS Just in case you don’t watch the above video, don’t worry the drug addiction I refer to is perfectly legit and natural. Flow – the science of optimal performance….