It’s Not About The Coach 3 of 7 – readiness for coaching

Written by Stuart Haden on November 15, 2017

Questions, questions, questions – the source of coaching. A mark to ensure we can safely complete our quest. But how ready are people for coaching? If you were to assign a % to coachability, what scores would you award? 0% being low and 100% off the scales for readiness. Go on have a think and then watch this video for the answer…

So how did you get on? Did you aim low and identify an uphill struggle. Somewhere in the middle maybe, stagnant – not much action for change either way. Accelerated learners nearing 100%, who take to coaching as ducks do to water.

Was your % above or below what we found in the survey? I hope this question has raised a few eyebrows. And if that is not enough the ideal % that I present let’s us know when coachees are ready to attend to the goals of coaching. Which after all is the whole point, we just need to remember to conquer coachability before we can push on. Otherwise we will be pushing uphill.