It’s Not About The Coach 5 of 7 – maps of coachability

Written by Stuart Haden on November 29, 2017

The questions just keep coming and coming, under fire a coachee has to deliver. If we are assessing coachability then we need a map to fall back on. A way of locating our present position, helping us out when we get lost and/or agreeing our next steps. In short, what are the characteristics of an effective coachee? There are 3 ways to go about this challenge…

  1. The coachee maps out the areas that are important to them, so that they can be ready and coachable.
  2. And/or the organisation sets the agenda for coachability taking into account their values, strategy, culture, KPIs etc.
  3. And/or you can copy and paste the 9 characteristics that emerged from my research.

Many of you I am sure are competent coaches. In the search for a coaching model you will have considered the 3 approaches above. 1) You’ve developed/adapted your own coaching model. 2) Your organisation adopts the OSCAR model, so do you. 3) The ubiquitous GROW model is hard to ignore, it becomes part of your practice also. The same is true in search for a model of coachability.