It’s Not About The Coach 7 of 7 – coaching paradigms

Written by Stuart Haden on December 13, 2017

On your marks, get set, coach! Well in this final video (of 7) we know full well that coaches are ready to explode off the blocks on the B of the bang! Here is what it looks like for the coachee however…

In paradigm #1 it’s transactional, our coachees are not ready and they have to start minding the gap. In paradigm #2 coachees are on the line of readiness, they are self coaching and there is still room for improvement. So in paradigm #3 we find two people who go beyond their coach and coachee roles. Not yet familiar to us as we push the coaching boundaries – surely collaboration, partnership and shared learning begin to tell the story.

This final paradigm is the future, this is the future that I strive for now. Are you willing to join me?