How flow can help us to keep pace with the rise of the machines

Written by Stuart Haden on February 7, 2018

Being in flow is often reserved for times when you need it most, quite rightly. Important meetings, presentations or problem solving activities that require your ‘A game.’ We talk about optimising the machines around us all the time. Software – updates, upgrades, versions, bugs and fixes.

I apply the same approach to our human software (and hardware). How can we update our knowledge, upgrade our systems, be a better version of ourselves, iron out the bugs and fix our attention on what matters most. For example, it’s worth running coaching programmes from time to time.

But the double whammy to this approach is that we also need to be on our toes so that we can keep pace with the machines around us. We all have to be software engineers to some degree, graduating towards workarounds. Often the only way to bypass a recognized problem is to be in flow. In the zone so that your powers of problem solving are (for a short period) multiplied five fold. Leverage not average.