Culture change requires a map and compass

Written by Stuart Haden on May 2, 2018

I recently presented at the CIPD’s Learning and Development Show on my well trodden path of Creating a Coaching Culture. Speaking of paths I introduced the concept of needing a framework and direction. But to bring this alive I likened this approach to using a map and compass.

Culture change requires a framework and just like any ‘map’ we should all be able to pick it up and make some sense of our location. Never a linear journey, always dynamic. The ‘compass’ meanwhile calls upon you to locate your true north. A moral compass perhaps. Notice where the sun is in the sky and the subtleties of the prevailing wind.

Both the map and compass help to inform your direction of travel. Now you can ascertain where you need to go and crucially when. Previous steps are clear to see and if you do get lost you can re-focus.