New learning needs new media

Written by Stuart Haden on December 19, 2018

The emerging role for any learning professional is in my view to embrace new media. Acting as a producer and journalist so that others can quickly access your message. When I run workshops I tend to arm myself with the power of conversation and a flipchart. But I know many people want to anchor the learning and have some clear takeaway’s. Which is why I write an e-book that does just that. I wrote the following for a power of change workshop. It has four chapters one of which I’ll give you a quick overview of.

Chapter one looks at the tricks of the trade. At the outset I ask two provocative trick questions, highlighting that change doesn’t happen in the past and future – it takes place in the present moment. After all tomorrow never comes. When it comes to change many of us are queueing up for reassuring lies. But actually we need to work with the inconvenient truth. Uncomfortable maybe, resistance no doubt. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Incremental change is key, notice the ebb and flow of change as nature personifies. Patient continues approach, progression and suspension. Challenge and support. Remember though that agility needs stability. Be nimble, be quick. But just like your smart phone these values are built on firm foundations, steadfast and enduring. An operating system that has structure, governance and process. Dynamic application, up-to-date and immediate. If you want a copy of this e-book (hey it’s almost Christmas!?) then please email me at