Making values valuable

Written by Stuart Haden on April 17, 2019

I presented at a conference recently on the familiar subject of authenticity. I want to share it here today because I managed to get this somewhat unwieldy subject down to 4 key areas – define, describe, develop and demonstrate.

Starting with definitions there are lots of different words attached to authenticity, in the video below I share some of the usual suspects. The etymology of the word value gets me every time. Making values valuable already gives an outcome to authentic behaviour.

When I describe authenticity I encourage people to locate their identity, after which they can acquire relevant skills which allows them to align themselves to the external environment. The outcome is skilful expression. No fakes, no mavericks.

In order to develop authenticity a simple hack asks 3 questions – What value is important to you? When did you first recognise this value? When did you first take a stand for this value? Choose a value that is important you right now, casting your mind back to when you first recognised this value helps you to notice when you first expressed it. Others will have noticed and benefited, aka you took a stand.

Finally we can demonstrate authenticity in a variety of settings. At work we can assess an individual, team and organisational context. I then map the levels of capability accordingly – knowing, doing, and being. Providing a roadmap with scores on the doors, locating authentic and in authentic behaviour. If you want to locate authenticity for yourself then check out my online course – The Seven Secrets of Authenticity.