Don’t get high on the High Street

Written by Stuart Haden on May 29, 2019

Performing at your very best is a game changer. To get into a flow state you have to be a state changer. Press the release button to shift from the day to day struggle and you’ll soon be in flow. But like many things in life there are always short cuts. But they are often expensive and damaging long term.

Various substances can change your state. Wander down any high street  and in most countries you’ll find – alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and coffee are readily available. Tempting shop fronts, they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. Casino’s calling and drug dealers on the corner. Frowned upon or otherwise, changing one’s state is the at the heart of our economy.

Apart from the coffee and a intentional shopping trip you need to ensure you are resourced in a different way. Mix up your approach so that your soul, body, heart, mind and spirit are fuelled, stocked and replenished.