Openness – the revolving door of optimal performance

Written by Stuart Haden on June 12, 2019

Riffing off a Stone Roses classic, I wanna be adored. I have to sell my soul. It’s in me. And in order to do so I wanna be in flow. That’s what other people value and appreciate. Someone who is at their very best, giving it their all. Practicing what they are preaching. Backstage I plan to open and empty myself.

OK the stages we operate on might not be sold out arenas but they can still be wide open spaces. Outstanding, all alone, it’s yours. When we are in the limelight we have to open up. Open your heart, open your mind. A world of possibility. Vast and expanding.

Empty your mind. Leave nothing on stage. At one. Focus in and on so that you rule out distractions. Senses heighten. Hacks and workarounds abound. Exit stage right, the performance is over. It was optimal. Starting and ending with openness.