Awe inspiring environments and why they matter

Written by Stuart Haden on June 26, 2019

The word awesome has crept up the rankings over the years, and the clue is in the name – awe. We need a sense of awe in our lives to gain a sense of perspective. Outdoor environments are great for this, they put us in our place. I have previously posted about a Place of power – or perhaps it’s the power of place.

We often get lost in these environments, literally – or more simply when time flies and our minds wander. But why are these environments so nourishing? Places that we return to time and time again. A coaching question if ever there was one.

Like me many of us love a trip to the beach, but beyond sandcastles and ice cream there is an exact science at play. We can leave our ego’s in the car park. The horizon stretches out in front of you, a vastness that’s hard to fathom. Ancient landscapes that have had more time on their hands than we ever will. The raw power and energy of the ocean – neutralising, harnessed at best but never messed with. Barefoot, the sand between your toes, grounded and centred. Your core, the earths core. Nature’s rules, nature rules.