Introducing In The Zone by Clyde Brolin

Written by Stuart Haden on July 10, 2019

This book undeniably describes what it is like to be in the zone. On pitches, courses and courts Brolin interviewed over 100 athletes and coaches.

But for me this book does two things. It clearly demonstrates that whatever you call it (zone, flow etc) these heights of human performance do exist. It wasn’t hard for him to find people who could quickly describe it. Maybe if we treated our work more like a sporting endeavour we’d hit the ground running.

But describing how to get in flow is a much more difficult prospect. Of course everyone enters the zone in their own unique way. It can happen by chance but most likely a few factors are at play that increase our odds. Aggregate gains. Either way no gold medals are won without a trip to the zone, or a chat with your coach.