Life’s a beach. Or is it?

Written by Stuart Haden on June 7, 2022

Somewhere in my surfing past this phrase became part of our teenage vocabulary – life’s a beach. I have always been drawn to it, simple but effective. Even if in later years I discovered that it was invented to counter – life’s a bitch.

For some strange reason it also created a degree of tension. It didn’t hold altogether true for me. Yes the beach brings us closer to Mother Earth, grounded, our shoes are off. In touch with the sand, in touch with our soul. Body, heart and mind. Sea level.

Life’s also a mountain. Increasing our altitude and attitude with every step. Father Sky, elevated. From soul to spirit. We humans don’t always fare well at altitude. But in order to acclimatise we need to go there, and then return to lower levels. We might live in the valleys, fertile and ripe for farming. But the real trap is if we don’t hit the peaks, stuck in the trough.