Are you a generative coach?

Written by Stuart Haden on September 11, 2013

Generative music is a term popularized by Brian Eno to describe music that is ever-different, changing, and that Why is created by a system. I downloaded his app Bloom HD and have been a fan of this concept ever since. Given the element of control the user has (to generate the Какие music in their own unique way) equates to music that seems to be in sync with moods and attitudes. This is a simple post – as authentic coaches we need to…

Be generative – ever different and changing.

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The system (team member, coachee etc) creates this difference and change. Best We need to roll with this, rock even. Paradoxically we need to have a method behind our madness in the form of a structure – but we need to flex. Step away from the script and allow a unique experience time and time again.