Introducing – Nic Askew and Soul Biographies

Written by Stuart Haden on February 5, 2015

For over a year now I have signed up for Nic Askew’s Soul Biographies film of the week. What better way to start your Monday morning than ‘human spirit and emotion caught on Black & White Film‘. Nic and I share a passion for authenticity which was something I blogged about back in May –

I asked Nic to contribute to a blog, exploring the question – what makes someone show up as being truly authentic? I was delighted when he came back and suggested the following poem…

‘Unprotected Conversation’

‘How brazen’ they said.

‘How threatening‘ they thought.

She’d talk with anyone.
With everyone.

Without caution, or regard
 to who
or how they were.

Or to where such
might lead.

Slaying make-beliefs and
uneasy truths along the way.

Such is the consequence of
unprotected conversation.

‘How irresponsible’ they said.

‘How courageous’ they thought.