Agility and culture change

Written by Stuart Haden on November 19, 2014

Are you and your team agile enough to change? If you are then you’re probably making great progress and embodying organisational culture. In this short video (3:07) I compare the profile of the beach in the same way we can look at organisations and culture.

Culture is energy. On the beach the energy comes from the left hand side, therefore, the majority of the pebbles on the beach are found on the right hand side. A very straightforward observation, yet the other factor that has allowed these pebbles to move is agility. In the world of pebbles, the smaller you are the more agile you are.

Thus, the pebbles that are resistant to change are larger, immovable, unable to keep up with the pace of change created by the energy sources. The same is true in organisations – those that possess agility move swiftly and cleanly to the desired goal. Others are resistant, no matter what energy you throw them.