The Authenticity Experience – Hack #6: IMAGINE

Written by Stuart Haden on March 26, 2015

My stated aim is to ‘hack authenticity and open source it for all’ is in itself a question – what makes someone show up as being truly authentic? This hack is all about questions not necessarily answers. Authentic individuals are comfortable treading this line between knowing and not knowing. Indeed in a recent posting I said that ‘If you aren’t asking yourself enough questions (or the right types of questions) then you probably aren’t being authentic.’

Hack 6 - Imagine


Questions are great when you need to establish direction, and perhaps even more so when you’re facing resistance. Whether this resistance is internal or external questions can show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Find your own questions (and definitely your own answers), ones that you can bank on time and time again. For inspiration here are my two favourite questions…

Who are you being? If you want to get technical this is an ontological inquiry. A very helpful question when you are in flow or facing a barrier – Who are you being when things are going well? Who are you being when things aren’t going well? This one always connects you back to your identity. My second question cuts through peoples perception, stereotypes and common pitfalls. How do you know (what you know)? If you are skilled at asking this question then you really don’t have any excuses for action. “I can’t do that – I don’t have the courage” an easy put down if you ask, “How do you know (you don’t have the courage)?” Very often this question recognises the lack of evidence in people’s answers, and gives them permission to move forward in the present moment, rather than being stuck in the past or future.

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