Summer Sale – free online course worth £63!

Written by Stuart Haden on July 14, 2015

This time last year I published my first online course – The Art of Leadership & Coaching. It’s a substantial piece of work incorporating just about everything I have learnt in the world of personal development over the last 25 years into one place. If you want an A-Z of my work and how to perform to optimal levels (increase performance by up to 500%) then this is a great place to start.

creativepro180 art_of_leadership2

The guys at Udemy (Learn from the Worlds Experts) are now hosting the course which is set out in 7 sections and 25 lectures (6 hours), comprising of slide (Prezi) presentations, videos, interviews with experts, articles and a free 45 page eBook. You can now access the learning the course across all your devices – web based, tablet and smart phone!

So here is the deal – if you provide me with proof of purchase of my book It’s Not About The Coach then I’ll send you a coupon so that you can access this course for free – saving you a whopping £63! If you bought the book some time ago (or can’t find proof of purchase) then not to worry just provide me with the first line of the quote on the final page of the book.