Why meditation is linked to high performance

Written by Stuart Haden on July 28, 2015

Last week I talked about the importance of reading if we are to achieve optimal performance, so it’s time for my second top tip that will deliver improved results. I am always downloading podcasts (Tim FerrissBulletproof Radio and Tony Wrighton) on the subject of high performance. Not only is it a great use of my time (particularly whist I am travelling), but it keeps me on the edge of what I need to deliver to my clients. By my estimations over 80% of the top performers interviewed on these shows practice meditation in some form. And the guest list is diverse – everyone from actors, to doctors to writers make an appearance. If it’s good enough for the Terminator himself then check out the Tim Ferriss Show when he interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger.


If like me your meditation skills are at zero then consider my free online course – The 7 Secrets of Increasing Personal Energy: Introduction where I start to introduce the concepts of the 5 energy sources – soul, body, heart, mind and spirit. What’s great about meditation is that it can be a short cut to all 5 of these sources. Just like any practice it’s important you find your own way. But for what it’s worth here is how I struck it lucky on my 3rd attempt…

First up I tried Holosync which uses music as your guide. I loved the music but the first session I tried was 25 minutes long and frankly I think I fell asleep, but I will come back to Holosync once my practice is ready for it. It was a bit like taking an aspiring marathon runner (who let’s say is comfortable running 5 miles) and introducing a 25 miler on day one of their training regime. Secondly, I tried a self guided meditation. Just for one minute every day for a month, then 2 minutes for the following month and so on until I found my level. This time the duration was good but I missed the guidance. So 3rd time lucky I found my mark with Headspace, (an app you can download on your device) I set my sessions for 10 minutes and they are beautifully guided. Now I am hooked and reaping the rewards – calmer, clearer, patient, creative and at ease.