Is optimal performance addictive?

Written by Stuart Haden on February 24, 2016

I was running a workshop in London recently, I asked the participants to tell me about what motivated them at work. As a leading insurer I knew what was coming. Money, money, money… I paused as we heard from everyone in the group, the response was unanimous. But then I ventured onto another lap, this time the responses were slow, paying lip service to my invite.

To provoke the group further I asked them why they hadn’t chosen one of the 3 most lucrative jobs on the planet. The struggle was palpable, as ideas for jobs with better earning potential were all presented. To break the tension, I asked – if you are all motivated by money why aren’t you engaged in illegal activities? Dealing drugs, human trafficking and arms manufacturing anyone?

The first time I heard this statistic it really struck a chord with me. Of course jail time never appealed, but a few months ago when I was delivering a workshop I realised that I am a drug dealer. Furthermore I take drugs in front of my clients so that they can get hooked just like me. The drug of flow and optimal performance – all legal. Neuro chemicals rather than manufactured. Dealing in passion, excitement, risk and communication.

If you, your team or organisation need to develop an addiction then let me know and I can meet you round the back of the car park later on tonight…or email me and I can let you know more about our four flow workshops…