How to hack coaching content for optimal performance

Written by Stuart Haden on November 2, 2016

Coaching is merely an input, the main prize lies with performance. How can we develop optimal performance via coaching? This is why every coaching programme needs direction, evidence, science, intention, authenticity, readiness, energy, assessment and sustainability. This is a new paradigm of learning because we focus on state, not skills development. The development of state is universal, whereas the development of skills is dependent on individual needs and competence. It can be hit and miss at best. One’s state is the ‘on ramp’ to skills; without it (e.g. depleted physical, emotional or intellectual energy) the ability to access skills is limited.

This creates a laser like focus on performance, a point which is so often missing. Flow follows focus…

  1. Flow Finder (diagnostics & science) – prior to the programme you will profile how you find flow (preference) and how much flow you can access right now (priority).
  2. Flow Fundamentals (triggers & authenticity) – create intentions around the 17 flow triggers that relate to mindset, environment, group dynamics and creativity.
  3. Flow Frameworks (cycles & coachability) – design your work and life to incorporate the struggle/release/flow/recovery cycle so that you achieve flow more often.
  4. Flow Fit (energy & practice) – incorporate 5 energy hacks on a daily basis so that you can you harness your soul, body, heart, mind and spirit energy.
  5. Flow Final (diagnostic & assessment) – returning to our initial diagnostics we can evaluate progress, shift goals and create sustainability in the pursuit of flow.

Get in touch today and I’ll send you a flyer that outlines these 5-hour coaching programmes in more detail. Prices range from £300-500 per programme,