It’s Not About The Coach 1 of 7 – how coachable are you?

Written by Stuart Haden on November 1, 2017

Five years ago I published my first book – It’s Not About The Coach. To celebrate in this video I am breaking new ground – this is a shot of me actually delivering a workshop! Live action, raw and real. And what’s more this is the 1st of 7 videos that are coming your way on a weekly basis. Read and watch all 7 and you’ll have all of your coachability questions answered.

Introducing an It’s Not About The Coach workshop with a Health Board I introduce 2 questions so that we can begin to find readiness for coaching…

  • How coachable are you?
  • How coachable is person X?

Coaching privileges questions so it is only natural that this workshop has the same intention. Equally reminding us why coachability is so important. There is no where to hide in coaching, because there are only two people in the room. Time is precious, usually allocated, typically you have to make the most of what you’ve got. Unlike our education we don’t have the luxury of 3 years at University to suss out how to best learn in this environment. Coachees need to hit the ground running. Oh and it’s relatively new ground, as not many of us have experience of formal coaching.