It’s Not About The Coach – challenge

Written by Stuart Haden on April 4, 2018

The art of challenge is a curious thing. We need stretch, but not too much. Scientifically we need to push for about 4%. One great way to quantify this is to divide 24 hours of a given day by 4%. A quick calculation will tell you this adds up to just shy of 1 hour.

In the context of coaching an effective coachee will outline the appropriate level and pace of challenge required throughout the coaching engagement. Or if we break it down into one session we now know that being bold and brave can be sustained for an hour.

This short reading highlights that coachees must create well formed intentions that challenge his or her current ability. You have to be ready for anything, open to everything. Limitations won’t serve you at this point. By pure coincidence an email has just popped into my inbox titled – What’s Your Everest in a Day? Better take a look, sounds like this one might take more than an hour though…