Making and taking decisions

Written by Stuart Haden on August 21, 2019

When you make decisions you need to be at your very best. You’ll be able to spot risk, solve problems and see the opportunities for more. Pattern recognition will also increase, so your ability to join the dots goes through the roof. It feels flowy.

But before you take the decision, hit send or call the meeting it is well worth reviewing your choices in the cold light of day. Maybe the risks outweigh the reward. You have committed to do too much. Too many dots have spoiled the broth.

No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater though. Just dial it back a bit. Streamline your plans. Slow it down. Save some of the ideas for another day. Maybe too much madness behind your method was just part of the process. Don’t cling on too tightly, let go if you need to and check out.