Are you leading for high performance?

Written by Stuart Haden on May 6, 2014

I recently presented at the Clinical Leadership Learning Event in Cardiff. We got off to an upbeat start with our Chair for the day – Fiona Jenkins. Pretty quickly 200+ participants were focused and hungry for more. I am always drawn to leaders who start with WHY, in her opening address Ruth Hussey did exactly that. Presenting the honest and exciting challenges for the NHS. This got me thinking – if we know ‘why’ is this one of the routes

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A timely reminder about change

Written by Stuart Haden on April 9, 2014

If you are looking for some lessons in change then look no further than nature.

This short video (2:04) does exactly that, a surprise, an opportunity, a challenge and maybe some wet feet.

What would you do if your path was blocked? interview – tackling some of coaching’s biggest questions

Written by Stuart Haden on April 2, 2014 is a community market place for professional development and when they asked me to partake in a short interview I jumped at the chance. Here are my views on some of the biggest questions in coaching right now….

Here is the link to the interview, or you can read my responses below…

1) How do you feel the coaching industry has evolved in recent times?

Coaching has certainly gained more prominence in society over the years. For example, we now find coaches

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Leverage or average?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 27, 2014

This incredibly playful video (4:38) explores the very important concept of leverage. Without the appropriate skills and tools you might just end up being average. With the help of a few props on the beach I give more meaning to the definition below…

leverage |ˈlev(ə)rij, ˈlēv(ə)rij|


the exertion of force by means of a lever or an object used in the manner of a lever

In one example I describe the success I achieved, using the appropriate tools for a certain job. Perhaps

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Fresh perspectives on coaching

Written by Stuart Haden on March 19, 2014

I recently presented a couple of workshops at the 1st Welsh Coaching Conference – Fresh Perspectives and Professional Development at the University of South Wales. To embody the fresh perspectives theme I gently introduced three maps at my session…

1) How coachable are you?

2) Challenging the traditional approach of coaching (which is coach lead). Instead, choosing an approach that is coachee led.

3) Valuing the skills of being a coachee. Someone who considers possibilities, challenges perception and changes performance.

I tested my latest insights

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The best book on change – period

Written by Stuart Haden on March 10, 2014

In this short video (3:05) I pay homage to a fantastic book on change. The best book I have found on change, period.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach – a lovely short tale about a seagull and the resistance he faces when striving for success, learning and authenticity. Take my video as food for thought, and/or the wise words from Bach. Just remember wherever you end up, it’s all about being…

“You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment

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Immersive leaders engineer flow, freedom and discovery

Written by Stuart Haden on February 25, 2014

I was recently reading an article in Wired magazine that reminded me of the impact of being immersive, particularly in the context of leadership. The screen saver: Secret Cinema’s mission to save the movies Future Cinema turn films into live events, “We engineer it so there’s a flow, but also freedom and discovery,” Fabien Riggall (founder) explains. For example, suspicious-looking attendees of Casablanca are hauled from the queue by “Vichy French soldiers.”

This immersive quality where you never know what is going

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Guest posting from Rhodri Jones – Play To Your Strengths

Written by Stuart Haden on February 19, 2014

I have always been fascinated by the crossovers between sport and business. Over the past few months I have been working with Rhodri and Robert Jones both of whom have played professional and international rugby. You can see what they are up to at but in the meantime here are some great observations from Rhodri about the pitfalls of working on your weaknesses…

Play To Your Strengths And Focus On What You Do Best

Conventional wisdom suggests

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I’d like to write a book one day…

Written by Stuart Haden on February 4, 2014

Would you? But, why not now? I am not sure how it might end for you, but I know how you can start. You’ve got some post-it notes to hand, right? Great – grab them and write up headings/chapters/characters/places etc. Placed them somewhere, where they can be left for sometime. You might feel like a fake, but you have now started to write your book. This is how my book (It’s Not About The Coach) began for me…


And this is

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Why most change initiatives fail

Written by Stuart Haden on January 21, 2014

Simply put most change initiatives only have one starting point. They actually need two starting points. A channel of change, acting as a buffer on either side to navigate the rocky landscape.

A great overarching aim of change is to achieve freedom. A client of mine described that once we implement the chosen tools and techniques they will be free from certain activities. Wow! I realised I was actually selling freedom. But, as this short video (2:41) describes freedom has two

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