What are you a commitment to?

Written by Stuart Haden on August 12, 2020

Just a quick edit to a well held question. One that ups the ante. Accountability goes through the roof and success and more likely to be guaranteed. Are you committed? What are you committed to doing next?

No let’s stop the tape and bring the question even closer. Uncomfortably so maybe. What are you a commitment to? No more talk and chitter chatter. Embody and embrace. No more gaps and cracks, commitment will fill those.

Being seen and safe

Written by Stuart Haden on July 29, 2020

Values are at the heart of optimal performance. Being valuable. Valuing your values. But we often lose sight of some our basic needs and values.

But what are these? Well being seen and being safe might be at the route of all evil good.

Returning to authenticity (expressing your values skilfully in the environment around you) let’s see how these two line up.

Expressing aligns perfecting with the value of being seen. Express yourself.

Skilfully measures up against being safe. At the right time and

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On and off switch

Written by Stuart Haden on July 15, 2020

As the saying goes no one built an off switch. We go on and on and on. We are on and on and on.

Many of my coaching programme naturally gravitate towards this approach. Wanting more, kick starting, trying something new. But we might need to turn something off in order to save energy elsewhere. When you think about it this actually is a more logical place to start. A save before a sale. Keeping back some energy for other pursuits.

Are you problem or possibility focussed?

Written by Stuart Haden on July 1, 2020

Logical and intuitive preferences are widely recognised. The head and the heart, dichotomies at their furthest extremes. But to add in an extra layer – are you problem (logical) or possibility (intuitive) focussed?

These two come together quite quickly but there’s more. Now consider whether you are linear or non linear in your approach. So maybe using the power of 3’s we could describe…

Logical, problem, linear.

Intuitive, possibility, non linear.

What’s the fuel behind your flame?

Written by Stuart Haden on June 17, 2020

Nice little metaphor this one in the context of energy. We can all relate to fuel, in our tanks and vehicles or rockets.

If you are fuelled up there must have been a spark, and now it might strike. But how does the flame manifest? Roaring or Olympic. The impact and outcomes. Hard to touch, hot to the touch. Dial up and dial down.

Seeking the apex of optimal performance

Written by Stuart Haden on April 22, 2020

This is the third posting in relation to The Art of Fear by Kristen Ulmer. I love the way she talks about the apex, far better than my previous held words such as balance, fusion or harmony. Now I can hold a new word and world.

Angling towards a sweet spot, an apex – the best of both worlds. Two things that are both firing, at the right time and in the right place. Set and setting. A fine line maybe.

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Resistance is futile

Written by Stuart Haden on April 8, 2020

Returning to The Art of Fear by Kristen Ulmer – could resistance be the difference between entering into flow states, versus flight, flight or freeze. It’s certainly a key part of the equation that leads to optimal performance. This time high numbers count against you, Fear X resistance = flow. Low to flow.

In fact or in flow, it could be the most critical aspect of the equation. Rather than feel the fear and do it anyway. Feel the fear and do

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Introducing The Art of Fear by Kristen Ulmer

Written by Stuart Haden on March 25, 2020

Stunning book, enjoyable on the one hand whilst supportive and challenging on the other. Didn’t find a punchline, didn’t need one – not when fear is on the table. Instead a more gradual build up, with takeaways throughout.

Liked the concept of overcoming the situation, rather than overcoming fear. A subtle, yet very powerful shift. But it’s actually the resistance that you need to pay attention to.

Resistance is our deal or flow breaker, not the perhaps more evident fear. More posts

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Sell your flow, not your soul

Written by Stuart Haden on March 11, 2020


The concept of soul is hard to define. We find it all over the shop; soul…food, music and friends. It also crops up with some pertinent advice – don’t sell your soul.

Wise words indeed but that gives rise to the positively loaded question – what do you want to sell? I hold the word sell lightly, we are also talking about profile, influence, encouraging, empowering, credibility and so on.

Perhaps we need to sell our flow. Being optimal, in the zone, at

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Express yourself but whatever you do don’t enjoy yourself

Written by Stuart Haden on February 26, 2020

The concept of enjoyment is slightly misleading because it’s not always within our control. Throughout my sporting endeavours the phrase ‘go out there and enjoy yourself‘ was regularly rolled out. Problem is if you lose how do your rate enjoyment now?

Instead we need to control the controllables and express ourselves. ‘Go out there and express yourself.’ It’s down to us and might lead to enjoyment!? What’s more expression is at the route of authenticity. My definition of which is to express yourself

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