How do you release tension?

Written by Stuart Haden on August 2, 2017

The state of optimal performance doesn’t come out of thin air. Instead it operates as part of a cycle. Sometimes we get lucky and stumble across it, but I’d much rather engineer this cycle so that I can perform optimally almost at will. The cycle consists of 4 stages…


We have plenty of struggle to overcome, so today I want to take a somewhat comical look at release. Here we need to decompress and break away from the norm. Otherwise we

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The new paradigm of learning prioritises states not skills

Written by Stuart Haden on July 19, 2017

The traditional paradigm of learning is skills development. However, the emerging approach is state development. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Skills are important, but their impact has a direct correlation with your state of being. Well-being and being well. Heart, mind and spirit.

For example, picture yourself as a skilled presenter who is also enjoying the birth of a new born child. In your sleep derived stupor the potential impact with your audience may well be limited.

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Our job roles are often a case of mistaken identity

Written by Stuart Haden on July 5, 2017

Optimal performance requires identity, in work terms how do we define our role. A vision to keep us on track, a view that steers clear of activities that add little value. I once had a role as Training Officer, my most junior role in L & D. If I ever rise to the dizzy heights of CEO, I’ll have the identity presented back to me. Even roles like partner, advisor, officer and consultant still don’t cut it.

I prefer to liken

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Live demo of a HRV session

Written by Stuart Haden on June 21, 2017

In my last posting (How to reboot your operating system) I talked about the benefits of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training. In this posting I’ll do a quick demo for you. If you want to try this at home all you need to do is buy an Inner Balance sensor from HeartMath.

Essentially it gives you feedback on your current state. Quantifying your mediation practice (or equivalent) if you choose to pursue one. Simply plug the sensor into your phone, which automatically opens

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How to reboot your operating system

Written by Stuart Haden on June 7, 2017

Dave Asprey who is the Founder of Bulletproof often talks about our out of date operating system. We require an upgrade otherwise we are stuck using primordial technologies.

We are primed to flight, flight – a classic survival mechanism. We want to eat everything, from tail to nose – its no wonder food cravings rocket in the fast food environment. And of course we want to have sex and give birth to a new generation.

So we need a reboot! One of

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How to get Streaks ahead of the competition

Written by Stuart Haden on May 24, 2017

In my last posting (How to develop habits in 8 easy steps) I shared everything you need to know about forming habits. But what if you had a to do list that also helps you to form good habits? Well the Streaks app does exactly that. I have tried to consolidate my intentions in one place for a very long time…apps, journals, screen savers, reminders and back again. But this simple app trumps them all.

Why? Well for a start you

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How to develop habits in 8 easy steps

Written by Stuart Haden on May 10, 2017

One great way to indicate that learning that has taken place is the formation of habit. Not an action plan at the end of the course, a one hit wonder that has little or no sustainability. Instead a practice that you can adapt and adopt perhaps even on a daily basis. Loads of great research has been done recently, and as usual here I am handing it over to you in a short and sharp video. I’ll follow this up a 2

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The 4 characteristics that define a flow state

Written by Stuart Haden on April 26, 2017

The Flow Genome Project define the 4 characteristics of a flow state as selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness and richness (STER). Giving us the chance to define our own moments and movements. Knowing when we are in flow – the opportunity to push on when we are at our best. An opportunity to leverage, not one to be missed.

Deliberate risk taking, putting our words and body on the line as we loose our sense of self in the moment. Self-help, that has

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Introducing Stealing Fire by Kotler & Wheal

Written by Stuart Haden on April 12, 2017

Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal are the co-founders of the Flow Genome Project. In my mind they are leading the way when it comes to the psychology of optimal performance and flow states. So when I heard that they were writing a book (Stealing Fire) I hit the pre order button as soon as I could.

I wouldn’t dare recommend a book I haven’t read. But having trained with these guys I devoured all the free resources during the book launch, so I

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Introducing Why Should Anyone Work Here? By Goffee and Jones

Written by Stuart Haden on March 29, 2017

Authenticity is a short cut to flow and optimal performance. Goffee and Jones’s book (Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?) was a game changer, and they’ve done it again. Authenticity again to the fore, wonderfully described, expressing your values skilfully.

This book is worth its money alone for the question it poses. Turning traditional views on its head – why should anyone work here? In the changing world of work; think gig economy, this is a question that people are

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